Thought for the week

As we come out of the lock-down, our monthly service rota (below) reflects a recovery phase. Delia and I are proposing to run the rota in this form until the end of August and then reviewed it. As we have come together as three parishes, we need to consider the limited clergy resources we have to cover services at all the churches. I understand that many of you might be disappointed at the limited services on offer in each parish at the moment. I also appreciate the emotional connection to your local parish church. Our Gospel passage this week encourages us to “abide in the vine”, with the new parishes setup our vine and branches extend over a wider geographical area. So in order to “abide” in God and the community, we will need to consider traveling  to the other churches in the grouping to attend services more regularly and also to get to know people in the wider parish’s community. We will also need to consider how we resource more services in each Parish in the


Recovery Rota

  8.00 am 9.30 am 10.00 am 6.00 pm
1st Sunday PH  BCP Comm   El—CW Comm & Zoom  
2nd Sunday Families El – BCP Comm   10.30 Family at El Zoom Evening Service
3rd Sunday Thursley   Th  – CW Comm Zoom  
4th Sunday Sh & PH El – CW Comm. PH  & SH alternating

CW Comm