Thought for the Week

During our Lent Prayer Group this week, Ursula led us through an Examen prayer exercise. This method of prayer encourages us to examine our day to recognise God’s activity in it. I don’t know about you, but I often replay the events of the day in my mind as I go to bed or wake up at 4am to replay them. The examen is an excellent way of praying through the day, offer our thoughts and concerns to God, and hopefully result in a peaceful night. The method uses 4 R’s.

Replay—recall the last 24 hours and see where God is present.

Rejoice—at the things were good.

Repent—is an opportunity to say sorry

Resolve—looking forward in a renewed way to live tomorrow for Christ.

This is another method of prayer which we have looked at over the last few weeks. You may find it useful but my encouragement would always be the same, it doesn’t matter how you pray, just pray.

We may find ourselves feeling quite helpless in the face of events around us, but Christians across the world are encouraged to pray for the world, our communities and each other. So let’s pray!