Thought for the Week

Christingle is a simple, visual reminder of God’s love for the world and each of us. By lighting our Christingle candles, we continue with the theme of light which we started last week with Candlemas. At this time of year when the greyness of the skies persist, it is good to remind ourselves that “Christ is the light of the world”, shining his light into the darkest of situations. In our

figures of speech we recognise that light brings clarity, hope and generally make us feel better, for example “ a light at the end of the tunnel”, “soaking up the sun, “in the fresh light of morning. Light can come in many forms, at the moment the “light at the end of the tunnel” is the vaccine. As we

embraced the hope that the vaccine gives us for a return to a new normal, we may need to pray for a bit more patience!

Revd Hannah