Thought for the Week

As someone who was afraid of the dark as a child and still weary of the dark as an adult, I love the images of light over powering darkness in the bible. Soldiers were discouraged from lighting cigarettes on the front-line for a  number of reasons. Firstly, by striking a match your eyes are no longer acclimatized to the dark and you can not see as well. Secondly, you would give your position away. It is believed that on a dark night, a lit cigarette can be seen from 3.1 miles away on flat land. Some scientists have claimed that a flickering candle can be seen 30 miles away on a dark night! So as someone who is

Nyctophobic, I love the words found in John 1, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” And today as we  celebrate Candlemas, we light candles to commemorate the

presentation of Jesus in the temple and  the words of Simeon remind us that Jesus is a light to the world. If the light of Christ rests in each one of us, how are we going to let it shine so that more people can see it and respond to Christ as the Light of the world.

Revd Hannah