Sunday Sermon – 17th January 2021

Here is the text from Hannah’s Sunday Sermon on the Call on Samuel and Nathanael.

“Come and See”, Phillip said to Nathanael after he had met Jesus. “Here I am”, said Samuel to God when responding to his call. These stories in the bible are examples of “call narratives” and they are included to show us how different people responded when God called and asked them to follow him. I wonder how we respond as God calls each one of us? Perhaps, we respond as Samuel did, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” Or do we think we are living through an age where visions of God are seldom seen. One of the challenges that the pandemic presents is how do we invite others to “come and see”, come and meet God if we are unable to offer hospitality. Perhaps, our hospitality could be in the form of a phone call or a note through someone’s door or even an invitation to our zoom services.

What unique contribution are you being asked to contribute to the world?Answering God V3 2021 Sam 3 1 -10 1 John 47-51