Share a Prayer


Tuesday 23rd March is a National Day of Reflection on the anniversary of the start of the first lockdown in 2020  and our churches will be open during the day for us to visit and remember all those who have died from Covid 19.

In the evening, the Lent Group will meet for the final session to consider once again what it means to pray and it seems a particularly appropriate way to end  this Day of Reflection.  So on this occasion, we would like to encourage everyone  to join us on Zoom at 7pm to SHARE A PRAYER.

 Do you have a favourite prayer?

Maybe one that has sustained you through the unprecedented times of last year?

Maybe one that you pray each morning ….or each evening?

Or perhaps one that was important for you during a particular time in your life…the birth of a child, the death of a family member, a time of joy or thanksgiving?

It may be a well-known prayer such as the Prayer of St Francis, a Collect or

prayer from a Church service or the words of a hymn that you pray, a prayer you learnt as a child or perhaps a prayer you have penned yourself.  Prayers by children or suitable for families would be particularly welcome.

Whatever it may be, would you be prepared to SHARE YOUR PRAYER with us and, if you feel comfortable, to say a few words about why it means a lot to you? (If you would prefer, someone else can read it out for you).

If you are not able to join us, we would still love to hear what prayer (or prayers) you would choose.   So do please email your prayer and source/author/book that it comes from (if applicable) or fill in the form and drop it in at the Rectory in Elstead or to one of the churches preferably by Monday 22nd March.  We hope to compile an ETSPH collection of favourite prayers which could be used as part of the process of building praying communities.  As Revd Hannah wrote a couple of weeks ago:

“Through prayer the impossible becomes possible. I would like to see                      our parishes developing into strong praying communities”.


Invitation to share a prayer

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