Proposed Reopening Churches for Worship 4.7.2020

Message from Hannah:

Who knew I would be getting a diploma in Pandemic management when I was licensed three months ago!

The government announced Church buildings can be opening from the 4th of July for Worship which is wonderful news. However, what is not reported is the pages and pages of guidance that needs to be read (so far, I have read over 50 pages) to open churches safely and make our buildings Covid safe. We need to conduct risk assessments for worship services, weddings and funerals – failure to do so can result in a fine or imprisonment for up to 2 years!  We also need to figure out the best way to continue to engage with members of our congregations who maybe still shielding or who may be vulnerable so I have meet with Tim Davies to discuss the simplest way to combine our future services in the building with our Zoom services. The guidance is very clear that anyone over 70 and in the vulnerable categories should be encouraged to stay at home and minimise contact with others. Congregation sizes are limited to 30,  but this number is only for guidance because we have to work out how many we can actually accommodate whilst maintaining social distancing.

The risk assessments need to go to the PCCs for approval. This all takes time, so please be patient. Please also share this information with anyone in the villages who maybe asking why we are not yet open.

All this seems daunting and disappointing but at the moment following the guidance and maintaining social distancing is an expression or love and care for one another.

With all this “stuff” that needs to be done, it is easy to lose sight of God so I want to encourage you with following little prayer:

When the days are dark and cold,

the Lord comes as he did to his people of old.

When the way is unknown and my future uncertain,

the Lord comes as he did to his people of old.

When I am in captivity and long to be free,

the Lord comes as he did to his people of old.

When I am in the wilderness and hunger and thirst,

the Lord comes as he did to his people of old.

Lord we trust in you to be a lantern to our feet and a light unto our path,

we are trusting you as did your people of old to show us the way forward

so that we may continue to praise and worship you.