How is life working from home?

As many of us are now working from home in some form or other, we thought it would be interesting to explore how we are finding this. Let us know your experience by clicking on this post.

One Reply to “How is life working from home?”

  1. I have always worked from home at least part of my time, so am used to being away from colleagues. However, the house is busier now so it can be harder to find the peace, quiet and long-spells that I need to concentrate. I have also had to take myself through crash courses in a number of video conferencing platforms so that I can still be part of the meetings with my various schools. Technology is making this lockdown very bearable and working from home perfectly practical.
    Real positives are:
    – having my children with me, determined to make the best of time together playing board games, learning flags, making comedy videos
    – video calling to catch up with friends and family
    – the possibility that I may even get last year’s Christmas cards posted!!

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