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Responding to God’s generosity – Stewardship 2024

I don’t know about you, but I find it very difficult talking about money or asking people for money. I suppose it is a topic to which we all bring our own ‘tinted glasses’, depending on our own experience of money and our own personal circumstances.

Unlike many of us, Jesus did not seem uncomfortable or shy about talking about money, wealth or possessions. In fact, sixteen of the thirty eight parables were concerned with how to handle our money and our possessions.

Throughout the bible there are over 2000 verses on wealth and possessions. These verses do not all say the same thing. The bible encourages us to be wise with our money, to us it for social justice and godly living.

Generous giving are important issues for the church and church members.  Our generous giving should be part of our discipleship, our lifestyle and our motivation to resource mission. As disciples of Jesus we should be encouraged to joyfully give time, of our skills and other resources to fulfil God’s mission in the world.

Over the next few weeks in our church services we will be encouraged to consider our giving. A stewardship campaign is the opportunity to respond to the generosity of God by giving of our time, our skills and abilities and our money. The aim of any stewardship campaign is to encourage us all to consider how we become more generous givers and better Christian disciples within our community.

God’s generous character is at the heart of our faith and examples of His generous character are woven throughout scripture. God’s generosity towards us is evident from the creation to the coming of Jesus to the cross and resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is hoped that we will respond generously with our time, skills and our money as we acknowledge the generosity of God and his grace which is freely given.

Therefore when churches talk about stewardship and about money it has little to do with raising funds for the work of the church but much more about communicating the generosity of God and our response to God’s grace.

Therefore, I want to encourage you to take the opportunity during  the stewardship campaign, to prayerfully review how you give of your time, skills and money to the church in response to God’s generosity.

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