Parish of Elstead

St James’ Church is believed to have been founded by the Monks of Waverley Abbey in about the year 1138 and parts of the church building date back to the 12th century. Step inside this wonderful old building and you will be on holy ground where people have worshipped God and witnessed to his love for nearly 900 years.

The walls on the north and west sides of the nave and the north and east walls of the chancel date from these earliest times. Some of the timber structure which holds up the belfry is also believed to date from this time, including the stairs up into the belfry which are made from one huge oak tree. When the monks built the church, they used rocks and stones that they found locally and made rubble-stone walls which they plastered with lime both inside and outside. If you look under the pulpit you can see a small section of the original rubble-stone walls.