Parishes of Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harow

We extend a warm welcome to you from the parishes of St James’ Church, Elstead, St Michael and All Angels Church, Thursley, St Mary’s Church, Shackleford and St Nicholas’ Church, Peper Harow.

These are challenging times as our communities respond to the Coronavirus pandemic. Our website aims to give you central access to the resources we can offer whilst access to our church buildings is restricted. Our Worship section gives all the details you need to join us for our Zoom online worship each week at 10.00am or in person at the church hosting worship that week; places in church are still limited so we ask you to book online beforehand.

We are pleased to be able to open St James’, Elstead, for private prayer on a Thursday and Sunday from 2.30-4.30pm.

We hope to also give you a flavour of the life within our parishes and in each of our churches: whilst all are quite distinct from each other, we share a common heritage built on tradition, and a common vision for our churches to be attractive to all, ministering and nurturing our faith and our lives with spiritual leadership and guidance.

Parish of Elstead

St James’ Church is believed to have been founded by the Monks of Waverley Abbey in about the year 1138 and parts of the church building date back to the 12th century. Step inside this wonderful old building and you will be on holy ground where people have worshipped God and witnessed to his love for nearly 900 years.

The walls on the north and west sides of the nave and the north and east walls of the chancel date from these earliest times. Some of the timber structure which holds up the belfry is also believed to date from this time, including the stairs up into the belfry which are made from one huge oak tree. When the monks built the church, they used rocks and stones that they found locally and made rubble-stone walls which they plastered with lime both inside and outside. If you look under the pulpit you can see a small section of the original rubble-stone walls.

Parish of Thursley

St Michael and All Angels Church dates back to the 11th century Saxon times and is a Grade 1 listed building. Our historic church fascinates and enthrals people of all faiths and none. There has been a place of worship on this site since 1030 and both our church and churchyard have excellent records, many going back to these earliest dates. Two surviving Anglo–Saxon windows, which still retain their original wooden frames, have painted woad decorations in each of the window recesses which are still visible.

In 2006 much of Thursley Commons went up in flames – only a last minute shift in the direction of the wind saved the village from very serious damage. To provide a suitable screen and doorway to our new Vestry Tracey Sheppard, a distinguished member of the Guild of Glass Engravers, was commissioned to engrave a pair of glass doors. She chose to depict this great fire with one door showing flames devouring all in its path and the other showing the Tree of Life gradually emerging from the ashes bringing rebirth and renewal back to the heathland.

Parish of Shackleford & Peper Harow

St Mary’s and St Nicholas’ Churches are two very different, beautiful churches. This parish encompasses the villages of Shackleford and Peper Harow and was formed in 1985 by the merger of the two ecclesiastical parishes of St Mary’s Shackleford and St Nicholas’ Peper Harow.

Both churches are of great historical and architectural interest and are an integral and beautiful feature of the landscape of our villages. The churches are a rich and living inheritance which we have a responsibility to preserve and pass on to future generations if possible.

St Mary’s in Shackleford was built in 1867 and is the larger of the churches, often used for concerts, presentations and talks. Services are held here for St Mary’s Patronal Festival, Remembrance, Messy Church, Christmas and Easter.

St Nicholas’ in Peper Harow has been a parish church since 1301 and is the smallest of our churches. It is a gem of a church which underwent 4 years of restoration following a significant fire in the early hours of Christmas morning 2007. It now offers the most flexibility in terms of seating and uses the most eco-friendly heating of all our churches. A sung Holy Communion service is held every second and fourth Sunday of each month at 10.30am.

Contact details

Parish of Elstead

St JAmes’ Church, Elstead

Westbrook Hill, Elstead, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 6LQ

Rector: Rev Hannah Moore 

T: 01252 705941      E:

Associate Minister: Rev Delia Orme  

T: 01252 702217      E:


Annie Silver      T: 01252 702886      E:

Sarah Goodship      T: 01252 702613      E:

Parish of Thursley

St Michael and All Angels Church, Thursley

Highfield Lane, Thursley, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 6QQ

Vicar: Rev Hannah Moore (contact as above)


Hilary Barr      T: 01252 703301      E:

Dene Mills      T: 07779 833430      E:

Parish of Shackleford and Peper Harow

St Mary’s CHurch, Shackleford

Shackleford Road, Norney, Shackleford, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 6AE

St Nicholas’ church, Peper Harow

Peper Harow Park, Peper Harow, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 6BQ

Priest-in-Charge of St Mary’s and St Nicholas: Rev Hannah Moore 

(contact as above)

Churchwarden: Liza Gane  T: 01483 811849 E:

Parish Office for Elstead, Thursley, Shackleford and Peper Harow

St James Church Elstead.

Opening Times: Tuesday and  Thursday 9.30-12.30pm


T: 01252 705164

Safeguarding Officers and Contact:

Elstead: Liz Cole:

Thursley:  Sherdian Humpreys

Shackleford & Peper Harow: Christopher Bell & Lizzie Geffren

Parishes designated Safeguarding Lead:

Rector: Rev Hannah Moore 

T: 01252 705941      E: