Amidst all the challenges, we are rediscovering our humanity

29 03 2020 Pew sheet

Rev Hannah writes:

As I wander around the garden enjoying the sunshine, it is hard to believe that all is not right in the world. However, over the last week our lives have changed beyond recognition. We are discouraged from going out; we are encouraged to keep our distance from one another and we are having to find new ways to work and communicate. These changes in our lives can make us feel hopeless, depressed, fearful and anxious. The psalm for this Sunday is Psalm 130, which I think is very apt for the situation we find ourselves in. I hope it offers you some comfort, “Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord. Lord, hear my voice!” and “I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope; For with the Lord there is steadfast love.”

Amidst all the challenges, we are rediscovering our humanity and what it means to help one another. I know in our own communities people are reaching out to help others in need.

Even the smallest acts of generosity can make an impression. This week, our daughter Rachael went to pick up her regular medication and she asked the pharmacist if she could buy some extra paracetamol which is usually prescribed for me. The pharmacist told her unfortunately she could not have an extra box at this time. As Rachael got into her car, the man who had been standing in the queue behind her, tapped on her car window and handed her another box of paracetamol and said, “these are for your mum.” This small act of kindness made a big impression. I wonder, how and who we can help this week? Where and to whom can we demonstrate God’s steadfast love?