Thought for the Week

On Tuesday a small group gathered for the first Lent Session on prayer. (Please do join next week if you can). We discussed the Lord’s Prayer and how sometimes it can said automatically, by rote, without thinking. I

encouraged the group to say the Lord’s Prayer slowly, thinking about each line and then reflect on which line of the prayer jumped out at them and took on greater meaning. By praying the prayer slowly, it gives God the

opportunity to speak afresh to each of us. I would like to encourage all of us to try this exercise this week. God can be in the  familiar but often we don’t notice Him.

Other ways you might like to renew your prayer live this Lent is by

Being God-conscious—Learning  to be constantly aware of God’s presence

Being Balanced—structure you prayers using the ACTS acronym:

A is for Adoration

C is for Confession

T is for Thanksgiving

S is for Supplication

Be Silent—we live in a noisy world, find some time to build stillness into your day.

Through prayer the impossible becomes possible. I would like to see  our parishes developing into strong praying communities.